Lose yourself in audio that captivates


Lose yourself in audio that captivates

OZO for user-generated content, entertainment and gaming

Unlock enhanced possibilities for your user listening experience, no matter the device. From user-generated content to gaming and entertainment audio, OZO Playback elevates smart device audio for unprecedented clarity, and richness.

Device speaker and headphone enhancement for:



User generated content




OZO Playback capabilities

Adaptive Stereo Widening

Introducing the latest advancements in smartphone speaker playback. Transform any device stereo speakers with adaptive stereo widening. Using intelligent processing, sound field feels broader and louder for a truly stunning audio experience. With OZO Playback adaptive stereo widening, sounds spring to life.


Bring the future of audio to your smart device

Push your device audio past its boundaries to enhance the full spectrum of the listener experience. With innovations from stereo widening and virtual surround, to sonic optimization and beyond, OZO Playback is creating new possibilities for robust audio experiences.

Introduce OZO Playback to your device