Nokia and Axon team up to tackle the toughest challenges in body cameras

OZO Audio and its complement of leading-edge audio features is breaking new ground with the announcement of our collaboration with Axon, the US’s largest supplier of body cameras for public safety. Looking beyond just smartphone applications, our partnership with Axon underscores the mission-critical role audio can play in non-consumer use cases. Audio, long an aesthetic pursuit for richer, clearer and more vibrant capture and playback, is also critically important in gathering a clear picture of law enforcement-related events. Faithfully-captured audio is crucial to providing evidentiary support that leaves no room for ambiguity, and no room for error.


In partnering to integrate OZO Audio features into body-worn cameras, our product teams were tasked to solve for complex acoustic challenges, notably on a device that is worn directly against the body, a large impediment to overcome when gathering accurate spatial audio.


After meticulous testing of the unique acoustic design of this product, the end result is a device with crystal clear dialog and sound capture that overcome everyday challenges such as wind and distracting background noise.


We’re excited for the upcoming launch of Axon’s latest product and are proud to contribute to their mission to protect life with state-of-the-art technologies that serve public safety.


Read more about the Axon Body 3’s audio features here


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